Don’t Say I Didn’t Warn You

Hi. How are you?

I’ve always wanted to be more cheerful in this blog by trying to write happy posts but I am sorry that it seems I always fail miserably and this blog always ends up having cheerless posts (or as some people say “blognya galau amat, Tal”) (but, really(?) Does my blog sound too galau(??)). I don’t mean to drag you all into the negativity, I swear. But as I describe this blog as “sebuah eskapisme” ever since I made it, I hope you all could make sense of that just like the other human being, I also need to deal with all the anxieties constantly creeping into my life and for that, blog has always been my first go-to aid. I remember stating to be more optimistic towards life in some of the previous posts, and I’m still struggling for that. However, as you might know, it’s never been easy to fully comprehend a concept you’ve never been familiar with, let alone applying it. Or maybe it’s just the product of what might be some long-held burdens so it’s unconsciously shown in all of my writings thus some might perceive them spreading the negative vibes, I don’t know.

And now that December has come, I’m afraid more cheerless posts are coming since December has always been a melancholy and pensive month for me.

Bear with me, please?


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