don’t worry

everybody wants to believe that everything’s gonna be ok that any kind of storm will eventually pass and there is silver lining in every cloud but most of the times life seems conspiring against us and suddenly we feel like our world has turned upside down like we’re stuck inside the ferris wheel while facing the ground and everything seems gonna fall in no time and bam! the faith we have before evaporates into nothing we got nowhere and no one to hold on everything doesn’t work the way it should be and probably not gonna be ok and we forget how to catch a breath in the middle of the rushing and competitive life and maybe even some of us wishing to go back to our mother’s womb or worse wishing not ever been born cause finally we realise life will only offer us distress but hey then suddenly it hits us that we’re already way too long dealing with this kind of shit and what we have to do is actually remember that we are not the only one in the whole world who feels like this and simply be grateful for whatever it is we have now in our life or maybe think about the probability of people out there wishing us a good life who knows maybe some grandma whom we helped crossed the street or those whom we give a seat on the train so just suck it up and go on with life because no matter how long we keep on standing life will also keep on moving and every time we feel like pushed over the edge remember what Bill Watterson said in his comic:

“That’s one of the remarkable things about life. It’s never so bad that it can’t get worse.”

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