2015: How to Deal with Constant Failures 101

Let me start this post by yours truly old and cliché saying: time flies, eh?

If there’s anything I learn from 2015, it is how a single yes or a single no could definitely change your life. Up till now, I’m still wondering how my life would be if I said the opposite of what I have said before to a series of questions.

Through this year I also realise that my coping skill has not really been improved. This post title actually sums up what 2015 is all about to me and also what’s urgently needed as a survival kit to be able to successfully get through another year. I can’t imagine what will happen if I stick to my usual way of coping. It will surely be NOT effective and basically not solving anything. Mainly, it is not a healthy one, either.

And yes I still have to resist the temptation to go on ruminating over anything happened in this year, because who wants to end up drown in dismay on new year’s eve?

But hey, nobody’s here to read a page full of whining, so let me just add some positivity through a pic below:


I’m not sure how to welcome 2016, but who cares, it will still come, anyway. Remember not to be so pessimistic, will you?

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