thank you

Hey it’s truly heartwarming when you accidentally and unexpectedly found stories about you and your we-rarely-meet-but-when-we-do-it’s-not-awkward friend in her blog wrapped in motivational words here and there when you are stuck doing whatever hell your course obliges you. It means a lot, really. I realise I seldom (even nearly to never) post about anything related to my interpersonal interaction here because I guess I am not used to the concept of it (pity, eh) and partly because I’m purposely avoiding it due to my nonsensical fear that my feeling would not be reciprocal. I am more used to pouring my irrational angsty nonsense rant about anything here so I need not drag anyone I know to my story and invest feeling on my interpretation of them (does this sound harsh) (if yes, I’m sorry, I don’t mean to sound so). But that doesn’t imply I don’t value social relations that I have, it’s just that I don’t know the right way to express my feeling towards them through writing.

So yeah, thank you, really.

P.S: How old again are you, me? You should have passed the phase where you need constant reassurance that you are okay, that sometimes magic happens and the feeling is mutual.

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